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Cedar Hot Tubs

All of our hot tubs and saunas are made solely from top grade Clear Western Red Cedar. Resistance to decay has long been a strong point of this cedarwood. Its aromatic scent is very pleasant and soothing. Its fibrous structure makes it the ideal wood for watertight joints, with one of the highest insulation values among the common types of timber. This is why cedar is the wood of choice for outdoor hot tubs and saunas.

Dimensions: Small Medium Large X-Large
Max. pers. 4 6 8 10
Diameter cm 144 166 188 214
Height cm 120 120 120 120
Massage jets 4 6 8 8-14
Volume L. 1334 1819 2378 3124
Electric requirements 220V | 16A 220V | 16A 220V | 16A 220V | 16A
Weight full kg 1497 1996 2609 3493

Classic Hot Tub

Superior Sauna uses Balboa Spa Packs and Heaters for all our electric heating sources. The VS series of Spa Pack come in standard with a 240 VAC 5.5 kW heater and featured in most of our North American hot tubs. Hover over any target to discover more features.

Heater Options


  • High grade stainless steel stove body
  • 1/8-inch steel stove front
  • Heavy cast iron door and grates
  • Hot Tub Connection kit (see photo)
  • Generous size firebox (see specs)
  • Vented smoke-outlet for secondary combustion.
  • 3/4-inch drain for freeze protection.
  • An ash drawer for easy removal of ashes.
  • A long handled ash rake

Wood Fired Heaters

Wood Water Stoves are precision built wood burning water heaters designed specifically for hot tubs and above ground pools. They circulates water using the principal of thermosiphon (the pumping action created by rising hot water), eliminating the need for a circulating pump or electricity. This unique feature opens up a whole new range of possibilities for alternative hot tubs. Now you can have a basic soaking tub without pumps, chemicals, or high maintenance. The wood fired tub system is very inexpensive to operate (cost of wood). It is ideal in cottage country, where typically users enjoy the pleasures of a wood fired hot tub soak during weekends and holidays.
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Electric Heaters

Superior Sauna uses Balboa Spa Packs and Heaters for all our electric heating sources. The VS series of Spa Pack come in standard with a 240 VAC 5.5 kW heater and featured in most of our North American hot tubs. The VS is convertible to 120 VAC, in which case the heater produces 1.4kW of power, should the installation be limited to electric service available. They can be combined with a 5.5 kW Aux Heater for 11 Kw total heating power (requires 60-70 Amp breaker). All VS spa packs come standard with the VL401 LCD topside control panel, which has the best day/night time illumination.

The EL series is a full featured spa pack that is provided standard with our Hi-Performance Heating Systems or can be substituted, optionally, for a VS series hot tub. The main additional programming features provided with this spa pack, is the ability to add the Spa Monitor wireless control panel, the ability to program on either a 12 or 24 hour cycle and as well to progam by time-of-the-day, and to retain the time even through a power failure. It also has features such a ozone suppression, clean up cycle, panel lock, and maintenance reminders. The EL2000comes standard with the ML700 8-button panel.

New for 2103 is the BP series spa controller with its iPhone or iPad integration, allowing customers to set the temperature and monitor their hot tub remotely on their phone or iPod or iPad.

All our electronic spa heaters can now be equipped with a iPhone or iPad wireless controller. With our new BP1500/1600 or BP2000/2001 series spa packs you can now use your iPhone to monitor and control all the hot tub functions both in North America and Europe.

In order to access your hot tub on you iPhone or iPad, you will need to upgrade to our BP series spa pack from the VS standard spa pack. With this upgrade you will receive the wireless transceiver and a Y-Cable splitter. The transceiver plugs into the Y-Cable and broad casts a wireless Wi-Fi signal. You can then install the APP FREE of change from the Apple Store and begin to control your hot tub with your iPhone or iPad.